Vision, Mission & Goal


The basic vision of our college is to address the present day needs of the marginalized female students. Our Aims and Objectives therefore are:


  • To empower her towards self- reliance and involve her in the mainstream of the society.
  • Through the student to be helpful to the family, society, and eventually the world around her.
  • To get her sensitized to gender disparities and discrimination through seminars, conference and workshops.
  • To inculcate a sense of discipline and responsibility in the students.
  • To make needy students economically self-reliant.
  • To nurture the aptitude for performance based skills in students so that they are able to pursue it as a career.
  • To provide applied knowledge of the subject and help student to acquire related professional skills.
  • To understand ways to Social, Economical, Political and legal Empowerment of women.
  • To achieve the mission, we have a vision to see that every child that enrolls in our institution is empowered to face the society and world
    with confidence.