Executive Summary

B.D.College (Balabhai Damodardas College)is affiliated to Gujarat University and it is managed by Gujarat law society. It was established in 1956.When it was established in ‘Khadia’, this area was considered to be the prime residential area. But in the fifty years the face of the city has undergone a sea change. From the prime- residential area the college is now placed in the heart of the walled city which has virtually become a commercial and market area. The genteel population has relocated to the fastly developing urban areas and the suburbs. This area is now vastly inhabited by people belonging to middle-class, lower middle-class and even poor people. The students that enroll in this college also come from the eastern industrial and labor – dominated area.

The basic intention of our institution has always been to address the needs of the ‘Girl-child’ in the contemporary society. The students enrolling in our college are marginalized on two counts. Firstly, as they are born girls and secondly as they are very poor. In this context, it has to be understood that a ‘Girl – Child’ Contributes to the upward mobility and progress of two- families- the one she is born into the one into which she has married.

These girls belong to the Socially, Economically and Educationally backward classes. They come from orthodox and conservative families. The girls want to study but the parents don’t understand the importance of education. In such cases we have to intervene with the families at the level of admission itself.

At the level of syllabus and curriculum framing we don’t have much freedom as they are framed by the board of studies formed by the University. Through the medium of our Home- Science faculty our aim is to penetrate the rural and semi-rural districts around our city and open vistas to the girl- child for higher education. These children may not become career women but they would at least become ‘Good mothers’ as the maxim goes ‘An educated mother is equivalent to 100 teachers’.

At the evaluation level we mid-term and terminal tests. Our Teachers are also involved in the whole process of Examination and Evaluation at the University level right from visiting different colleges as observers, setting papers and working as Examiners, Moderators etc.

Students are encouraged to participate in Exhibitions of Arts and Handicrafts, and Food festivals, N.S.S. and N.C.C. camps and sports activities etc. They are also taught Self- Defense in collaboration with companies like proctor and Gamble etc. All these are confidence – building measures employed to build the confidence of the students who come from a very protected environment. The Students of our college have a combination of gender specific and socio-economic problems. They require personal attention and counseling. The faculty is very much sensitive to these problems. Two faculty members have been designated specifically to listen and solve the problems of such students. Sometimes, we have to circumvent the law to address the problems of such students. Inspite of working with many Limitations and with a marginalized group our students have a times stood first in the university and won Gold Medals too.

The faculty participates in Orientation and a Refresher Course. They are also encouraged to attend Seminars, present papers etc. They also take advantage of the opportunities provided by U.G.C. for research. Our Home Science faculty has done special research in the field of Nutritional but Unpopular Grains & cereals. The Recipes made from such products were presented at a food festival, which got a very favorable response from the public at large. These recipes were also published in the form of a book ‘RASANANAND’. Students of the Home- Science faculty also participated in an exhibition conducted by ‘SRISTI’ an NGO. Different projects are undertaken under the aegis of the college N.S.S. unit.

All our needs and requirements as regards the Infrastructure is met by the management .We have a decent computer laboratory and a well-stocked library. We arrange Lectures by eminent personalities and scholars. Our teachers also go outside to give lectures under the ‘University lecture Series’.

We have a ‘Student Help Fund’, which provides Books to the needy students who apply. We have a consumer co- operative store, which provides journals to the students. The SC/ST students are given Govt. Scholarships. There is a counseling cell, which provides need-based counseling to the students. There is also a Suggestion-Box where in the students can put their suggestions. There is a also a Students Union, which represents the problems of the students. The student of the Home – Science faculty who participated in the food festival and arts & crafts Exhibition are encouraged to sell their products on a profit- sharing basis. The college alumni Association “Asmadiyam “ which has a constructive participation in many activities of the college. The students who pass out are given guidance for further studies and sometimes are even allowed access to the books of the college library. We have also organized courses in ‘Sanskrit Sambhasan’ and ‘Karmkand’ by women. We have also organized seminars like – ‘The Gunvant Shah lecture series’ and ‘The Contribution of women writers to Sanskrit literature’. Out college was nominated by Gujarat University in U.G.C.’s College for ‘Potential Excellence Scheme’.

The Endeavor of the institution is to provide students with an environment for their all-round development of Mental, Physical, Aesthetic, Social and Spiritual Potential together with the attitude of integrity, hard work, honestly, fairness, and tolerance so that they can give their very best. We start the year with an ‘YAGNA’ synchronizing ‘Ichha Shakti’, ‘Kriya Shakti’ and ‘Gyana Shakti’ for development of World, Nation, State, Society and Individual.